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We are many who have realized that to reach the set climate goals, the climate transition needs to have the highest priority and be based on the collected science. You don’t have to be a climate or environmental expert to understand that. Meanwhile we have seen politicians who have done too little, and too late!

Now is the time for us together to send a clear signal to the politicians that they must take climate politics seriously and do what is necessary to reach the set goals.

  • The climate change is critical for the planet and requires top priority!
  • The climate transition must be based on the collected science!
  • Justice and solidarity must be key words for the climate transition, locally and globally!        

The 1.5-degree button is a symbol of the Paris Agreement and the need for global cooperation. At the same time, it is an alarm signal that we are not doing enough to reach the goals set by the Paris Agreement.

Show your personal standpoint so that it becomes clear that we are many. This is about the future of humanity. What could be more important than that?

The history of the button started in the spring of 2023 at the initiative of the climate group Gretas gamlingar (Greta’s old people) in Blackeberg, Stockholm. Since then, nearly 2000 buttons have been distributed! In autumn 2023, Klimataktion Stockholm took over the administration and management of the buttons. Now we want to broaden the campaign.

Please join us and help spread the button!

Become part of our campaign

There are many people in our society who support the button’s message. Even if they are not visible today. Maybe because they think the question is difficult and don’t know how to act. The button gives them an opportunity to show their position and increases the pressure on the politicians to take climate change seriously.

Bring up the idea in your organization. We invite organizations and activists to become part of a joint broad campaign where we make it visible that there are many of us who take the climate very seriously. For more information, please contact by email to knappkampanjen@gmail.com.