Climate inspiration training

During 2016-2020, Climate Action produced educational material for a one-day climate inspiration training and ran it in 30 different locations in the country in collaboration with, among others, ABF.

Originally, the idea was to design a ”climate informant training”, but as the work progressed it became obvious that ”information” was perhaps not what was needed most, but rather ”inspiration”. To break apathy about the climate issue, we need to see the possibilities!

The course is for anyone who wants to be able to talk to people about global warming and what we can do about it. We want to offer some tools to reach out, raise hope and create discussion. After the day one course, you should be better able to talk about the climate with friends and relatives. Maybe arrange a lecture at the library or workplace, or a study circle.

We also hope that the course will be able to inspire people who are concerned about the climate to start getting involved in a sustainable transition – for the individual and for society as a whole.

The course has 3 parts: information, pedagogy and action. We go through the basics of climate science and climate policy. We are trying to see how we can stimulate conversations and reflections. We talk about how we can increase people’s ability to act by showing that a climate-smart society is possible…and fun!

After the course, the participants will have access to pictures and facts used on the course, as well as arrangements and exercises.

Are you interested in taking a course at a place near you? Contact us via ninna.gunnarsson (at) and we can try to arrange it together with ABF.